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At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years…
if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company
to accommodate new technologies.


Startups give
a glimpse of the future

Rough diamonds for industrial cases

Startups are the best future prediction engine ever. Innovation comes from small, agile organisations, from people taking risks and pushing boundaries forward. Startups are disrupting whole industries and changing the business landscape forever, as this article explains. Since 2010, over 21.800 startups have exited worldwide for a total deal value of about 1.2 trillion dollars.

Corporate venturing on the rise

Large companies have long understood that turning to startups was a mandatory exercise and a major component of their innovation arsenal. You can expect to see more partnerships and collaborations taking place between them and startups as 80% of corporates are interested in knowing more about startups and pursuing a professional relationship.


The wheat from the chaff

A new business opens every three seconds. For companies, it is very difficult and time-consuming to spot the right startups to work with. In big corporations, large teams can be dedicated to spotting and analyzing startup files. In midsized companies, this work is often done by a single individual on top of his other duties. It’s either very expensive, or inefficient. In both cases, it’s not optimal.


Tools are missing the point

Companies use different means for their startup scouting activities: databases, events, ecosystem relations or consultants. None of them combines speed, reach, quality, affordability and time-saving. New AI technologies like machine learning and NLP are almost non-existent in that business. The startup scene is chaotic, worldwide, noisy – AI can leverage personalisation, context and networks.

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Prepare for the future

Engage in the Corporate Venturing trend and avoid the doomed fate of the following companies

Meet our team

The Novablers

Laurent Kinet

Laurent Kinet


Co-founder and CEO, focussing on the corporate strategy, high-level partnerships and business development, putting his long-lasting entrepreneurship experience at work for Novable.

Olivier Beaujean

Olivier Beaujean


Co-founder and COO, taking care of operations, HR and finance – and also contributing to most strategic topics, with a focus on efficiency, governance and fun.

Yann Balbaert

Yann Balbaert

Sales Director

With an extensive background in digital strategy, Yann perfectly understands our customers’ innovation projects and turn them into perfect briefings.

Ryan Miller

Sales Manager

Ryan is British, lived in France, has worked in Asia and now thrives in the heart of Europe – his international mindset brings a high value to new Novable customers.

Thibault Dory

Thibault Dory

Head of Technology

A technology passionate supporting our data scientists in setting up a proper and scalable tech environment as well as in automating the whole value chain, from data collection to insights rendering.

Adrien Lebrun

Adrien Lebrun

Advisor - Chief Product Officer @ Cluepoints

A senior product leader who loves to work at the crossroads of product, UX and technology, advising Novable with insights on product development and roll-out.

Frédéric Helleputte

Frédéric Helleputte

Advisor - Associate Partner @ Resultance

Experienced manager with INSEAD MBA and proven track record in strategy & organisation, operations, innovation, and delivering results in complex environments.

Christophe de Rassenfosse

Christophe de Rassenfosse

Advisor - Chief Product Officer @ StepStone Group

Christophe’s experience with product management at StepStone Group is a tremendous help for Novable’s technical and functional developments.

Louis de Viron

Louis de Viron

NLP Engineer

Louis is a recognised expert in Natural Language Processing. He designs and builds algorithms for Novable’s Deep-Matching technology.

Leyla Damoisaux-Delnoy

Data Scientist

Combining her computer science skills with her business engineering background, Leyla contributes to the data science development at Novable, with a deep sense of integrity and ethics.

Fernando Collado

Fernando Collado

Full-stack developer

Fernando takes care of the Novable’s customer platform from head to toes: front-end, back-end, administration interfaces and links with our Deep-Matching back box.

Nhung Truong

Customer Success

Nhung takes care of our customers as from their onboarding to the Novable platform. With her innovation and market research background, she understands their challenges and expectations and turn them into value.