5 AI solutions leading the industry 4.0 race

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is changing the way businesses operate, and the environments in which they are forced to compete. The implementation of new technology tools will be crucial in order to develop a successful corporate innovation strategy.

This revolution is driven by the explosion of new technology. Robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others. Organisations need to use technology scouting tools, such as Novable, in order to invest in the most relevant technologies. If companies do not understand the changes and opportunities that Industry 4.0 bring, they risk losing market share.

Technology scouting is a topic that Novable Agents often discuss with their clients. Therefore, we would like to provide a list of companies using AI, discovered through the use of the Novable platform. These companies focus their efforts on accelerating industrial operations’ digital transformation journey.

Startup Scouting for Corporate Innovation with Novable

1. Quartic.ai

This company, based in San Jose, California places the power of AI technology directly in the hands of plant-subject-matter experts (SMEs) with their complete Smart Industry platform for process manufacturing industries implementing digital transformation with AI and IIoT. Quartic.ai allows manufacturers to extract more value from legacy infrastructure and build Industry 4.0 factories. Enabling a significant increase in productivity and operational performance.

2. Neurisium

Based in Tallinn, Estonia Neurisium solves industry-wide challenges by reducing human labour in production processes and by automating factories using big data and machine learning technology. Neurisium top-down approach makes it possible to identify gaps before going into IT development. Intelligent needs capturing and problem statement definition ensures the best quality for a reduced amount of money and time spent.

3. Solid State AI

Based in Toronto, Canada this company comprises industrial engineers, data scientists, and developers. Solid State AI is bringing products to their full value much sooner by using AIMS technology (Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Systems), its specialized machine learning software, to uncover optimizations in your manufacturing processes, reducing downtime and quickly identify root causes.

Startup Scouting Client Stories - Novable

4. ProManage

American-based, ProManage supports the implementation of methodologies such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Management and World Class Manufacturing (WCM), maintenance operations management, quality test operations management, raw material and product traceability, cost management, JIT (Just in Time) and JIS (Just in Sequence) applications with its continuously developed infrastructure for the automotive, plastics, metal processing sectors and sub-industry companies by offering high added value to the digital world.

5. Oqton

A San Francisco based company, Oqton is solving today’s manufacturing challenges with an AI-technology driven factory operating system. It was founded by experts in the fields of manufacturing and AI, thus this company pairs the benefit of decades of industry experience with the agility of a startup mindset. Its agnostic cloud-based manufacturing operating system automates the end-to-end workflow across and beyond the production floor, reducing process inefficiencies while increasing productivity.

For traditional leaders, used to linear data and communications, the change that this new industrial revolution brings – providing real-time access to data and business intelligence – will transform the way they conduct business. To do so at a faster pace, technology scouting tools, such as Novable, can help you make a crucial decision within seconds. Time is of great value when you are trying to get ahead of competitors and lead your company into the Industry 4.0 Revolution.

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